Organization of professional events - еnglish version

          Modern market have stringent requirements to promotion materials and technologies for a wide range of potential consumers in different areas of professional segments of Saint-Petersburg construction market.   

We take into consideration and offer to the companies an effective form of cooperation – organization individual seminars-presentations. It will guarantee developing direct contacts with professional target audience.      

Our specialists can organize individual and joint information, advertising and training seminars between suppliers and manufacturers of building materials, technologies, services and relevant departments of customer service, designed, architectural, management, exploiting companies of Saint-Petersburg.

On the basis of event customer receives a complete list with contacts, projects of involved companies.   

Organising committee of the exhibition «EXPO SPHERE» proposes to consider possibility of organizing and holding an individual seminar-presentation of your company. Your audience will be professionals in the field of building, architecture.

Also we can organize excursion on manufacture or object of customer.


1. Organization of  seminar-presentation (audience: 35-40 people) 70000 rubles *

*(Without a rent of hall).


2. Organization of  seminar-presentation (audience: 15-20 people) 50000 rubles *

*(With a rent of hall in Business Center «Gulliver 2»).


3. Organization of excursion on manufacture or object of customer 20000 rubles * 

*(Without transportation costs).


  • Determination and invitation to participate the professional audience
  • Writing a press release of the event with the wishes of client
  • Selection and agreement the most suitable place for event
  • Organization the process of registration and placing participants of event
  • Placement preview on the website www.zagorodomexpo.ru and exposfera.spb.ru (14 days before event)
  • Placement post-release on the website www.zagorodomexpo.ru and exposfera.spb.ru
  • Invitation representatives of media. 


Considering the need to ensure individuality of every event we are ready to develop single quotation and to take into account all the wishes of customer.


 Exhibition «EXPO SPHERE» is a comprehensive exhibition project. It integrates three independent exhibitions:


the exhibition of city real estate, the exhibition of suburban real estate, the exhibition of foreign real estate, the exhibition «House Build» and organization professional events.

Exhibition «EXPO SPHERE» is a way of communication between representatives of the real estate market and construction market, between manufacturer, supplier, seller, consumer.

«EXPO SPHERE» is an effective marketing tool, creating a positive image, the establishment of new business contacts.


Market is ready for exhibition of new format!

It’s not just a two-day event, it is an annual complex of events. It includes advertising campaign – seminars, exhibition, business presentations.


Organising committee: (812)                      www.nedv-expo.ru,    www.zagorodomexpo.ru 

Contact with us: Soosaar Elena +7 921 395-04-80, Otchik Anastasia +7 921 632-52-10.